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Southwest General Contractors' quality control program is designed to assure quality construction. From start to finish, all contractor supplies, materials, and equipment are carefully monitored to ensure compliance with quality standards, contract drawings, and specifications. Not only is this strict attention reflected in the completed project, but it is also evidenced by the project schedule. It is Southwest General Contractors' quality control goal to eliminate time-consuming rework and increase productivity.

Weekly job site meetings with owners, owner's representatives, and subcontractors are conducted to review performance which includes job schedule, safety, and quality. Any items of concern are addressed and if necessary, are corrected and monitored. Each weekly meeting addresses key quality control checkpoints and verifies that:


√ The work phases are complete;

√ The work was and is being performed by qualified personnel;

√ Only approved material was used and the amount of materials used was sufficient to complete the work phase;

√ Scope of work requirements have been met;

√ Installation specifications and procedures have been met; and

√ Any quality problems have been corrected.

Southwest General Contractors' quality control program is based on prevention rather than correction. Every possible step is taken to avert errors, omissions, discrepancies, and deficiencies. All drawings, specifications, and bid documents are carefully reviewed. Ongoing monitoring of trades and materials is implemented to assure the highest quality of craftsmanship performance.

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